plant based dog food

actual food, organic and hand prepared

Welcome to organic dog, everyone’s original favourite plant based dog food. We’ve got your pup's bets interest in mind and decades of experience making healthy dog food. Browse through our products today and fuel your dog with premium super foods.

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About Us

The Way It Should Be

We founded Organic Dog with one goal in mind: providing the highest-quality, bioavailable, species appropriate vegetables for our loved ones. Our passion for dogs has driven us from the beginning to create excellent and convenient dog food. We strive to make healthy dog food easy to incorporate every day.  Health is the reward. Check it out for yourself! 

We pride Organic Dog on using compostable -non plastic- packaging as much as possible to be proactive with health and wellness.  

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Shipping and Delivery

What You Need to Know

We ship at no additional cost to the Lower Mainland Vancouver, BC within 3-5 business days and to most of Vancouver Island once per month.  We hand deliver at this time and will be in touch to set up a time. 

We use 100% compostable packaging!  Simply remove the label and compost or bury the pouch and it will degrade within two years. 

This is a frozen product.  To preserve freshness is best stored in a cooler if a freezer is not immediately available.